Edge me please!

Select your options, then follow instructions and start jerking off your cock.

  • When the screen is dark green, you can jerk off, but your are not allowed to cum.
  • When the screen turns dark red, you need to stop jerking off immediately. You are not allowed to touch your dick.
  • You should be to the edge of the orgasm when the EDGE bar gets close to 100%.
  • Be ready to cum when the progress bar gets near the CUM section, you never know when it will continue to progress!
  • DO NOT CUM before you are instructed to do so.
  • If you cum too early, get your hands off your cock and let the cum drip down. You get a ruined orgasm for failing the game.
  • When the screen turns bright green, you can cum!
  • When you get permission to cum, you will have a time limit. If you do not cum by the time the CUM bar reaches 100%, you loose the right to cum.
  • If the screen turns bright red, sorry, it's not your lucky day.
  • Don't worry, if you fail, you can always start again from the beginning. I'm sure it will be event more fun with your cock still throbbing from the last session!.
  • Open up some porn video to spice up the game!
  • Good luck! [send comments, questions, or pics of you edging session at admin@edgemeplease.com]
    This is completely optional, but if you like the game, feel free to make a small donation! This will help me enhance it with the many comments and suggestions I received.